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Jesse Sullivan: Chicago’s out-of-control crime crisis a failure of leadership

It was not so long ago that standing in Helmand, an Afghan village elder looked me in the eyes and said, “You see these young Afghan men? They have no jobs or opportunities, help us solve that problem and we’...

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Jesse Sullivan Calls On Governor JB Pritzker To Address Crime And Violence In Chicago

Republican candidate for governor Jesse Sullivan called on elected leaders to take action to stop the violent crime ravaging the city and seek justice for the families affected in a press conference at the Criminal Court of Cook County.


What I Learned From the Presidential Leadership Scholars Program

In 2019, I was one of 60 people chosen to be a part of the Presidential Leadership Scholars; which is a non-partisan program to bring together leaders to learn from presidential experiences.

Press Releases

Jesse Sullivan Lives, Raises His Family, and Runs His Business in Illinois

Sully is no outsider to Illinois and its values, but he is an outsider to its corrupt politics. We know attacks will keep coming. We’ll keep being honest and transparent.


Life on “The Trail” as a family of 7.5- The “Sully Fam” Vlog

This week’s episode covered launch preparations and highlighted their kids riding scooters while Sully practiced his speech.