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Sullivan The Clear Winner of GOP Debate Night

CHICAGO – By providing a clear, conservative vision for Illinois and specific plans on the major issues facing Illinois – crime, corruption, education, and the economy – outsider candidate Jesse Sullivan established himself as the clear winner of the Republican debates on Tuesday night.

“The people of Illinois deserve a clear vision for the future, and honest answers to the failures from the insiders and professional politicians on both sides of the aisle,” Sullivan said. “I’m glad that tonight’s debate gave a platform to that much-needed change. To the undecided voters who are taking a first look – and to all voters looking for a change – I urge you to learn more about our campaign and vote for Jesse Sullivan on June 28th.”

Tuesday’s debate continued the forward momentum on Sullivan’s campaign, from last week’s rollout of Sullivan’s Power to the Parents education agenda, and national coverage on Fox News. As voters tune in, Sullivan gains steam.

“Even with candidates split across two debates, the choice for voters is clear,” said campaign spokesman Andrew Welhouse. “Jesse Sullivan is a strong, conservative outsider with real plans to save our state. The alternatives are politicians and insiders who are a part of the broken system that has given Illinois an epidemic of crime, a lagging economy, and sky-high taxes.”

Sullivan articulated clear, specific policy proposals including the Safe Streets Plan, which has been endorsed and supported by nearly two dozen sheriffs and law-enforcement leaders in Illinois, the Clean Up Illinois plan, which has been endorsed by former Legislative Inspector General Carol Pope, and the Power to the Parents plan, supported by parents around the state.

Key Sullivan quotes from the debate:

“The reason why the most active sheriffs in the state support me, is that I have ‘protect and serve’ at my core.”

“We need to win over Reagan Democrats, Trump Independents, and next-generation conservatives […] and I’m the one who can unite this state.”