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PETERSBURG, IL – Ahead of the General Assembly’s vote on a record-spending state budget this week, Jesse Sullivan today signed a pledge to veto any tax increase on Illinois families as governor, and announced support for a constitutional amendment to establish Illinois’ first Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Sullivan is the first candidate for governor of Illinois to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, a promise to “oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes” in Illinois. Ten sitting U.S. governors have also signed the Pledge, including Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Gov. JB Pritzker is proposing $1 billion in temporary tax relief ahead of the November election. But the governor has already signed 24 tax and fee hikes into law since taking office, costing taxpayers an additional $5.4 billion. Illinois is now home to the highest state and local tax rate in the nation at over 15%, or nearly $9,500 for the typical household budget, according to a recent Wallethub study.

Sullivan today also announced his support for a constitutional amendment to establish the Illinois Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Modeled after Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights, the Illinois Taxpayer Bill of Rights would require a vote of the people for any new increases in taxes or debt at the state and local level, limit tax revenue growth to population growth plus inflation, and refund any revenue over that limit directly to taxpayers.

The Sullivan-Murphy campaign has previously called for a complete and immediate repeal of J.B. Pritzker’s doubled state gas tax, saving the average two-car family more than $200 a year.

“Illinois families are forced to live within their means and keep a strict budget. It’s time those rules apply to Springfield politicians,” Sullivan said.

“Only when Illinoisans have constitutional protections from runaway tax hikes and debt can they expect real relief. Otherwise, politicians like JB Pritzker will continue to take more from their wallets. This governor is Exhibit A for why we need a Taxpayer Bill of Rights in Illinois.”

“Voters rejected his progressive tax hike at the ballot box. But they had no voice on the 24 other tax and fee hikes he has signed into law since taking office. Now he’s hoping voters forget about his record. It’s another scheme to defraud taxpayers.”

“After four years of punishing tax hikes, Illinoisans deserve nothing less than the most taxpayer-friendly administration in state history.”

Colorado passed its TABOR constitutional amendment in 1992. Results include:

  • The state has given back $3.3 billion in TABOR refunds since 1992.
  • The state is projected to issue $4.1 billion in refunds to taxpayers over the next four years.
  • From 1992-2012, TABOR’s restraint of government spending growth saved each person in Colorado more than $6,100.
  • Voters have not approved increases to the state’s income or sales tax rates.