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Sullivan React: Illinois Jobless Rate Trails National Average

PETERSBURG, IL – The latest of the Illinois economy under Gov. J.B. Pritzker was released this morning, and thanks to Pritzker and the Democrats, our state continues to fall behind.

Illinois’s jobless rate (4.7%) remains more than a percentage point higher than the national average (3.6%), and Illinois lags behind the pace of the rest of the country’s recovery. Jesse Sullivan, an outsider and proven job creator running for governor, released the following statement:

“Illinois should be leading America’s economy, not trailing – and we can again with new leadership.

“Unfortunately, the legacy of J.B. Pritzker’s economy is that he closed our businesses, told workers to stay home, and raised our taxes. The result: Illinois just received an “F” grade for economic outcomes during COVID. Temporary election-year gimmicks won’t undo the damage he’s caused, and the voters know it.

“We can do better. I’ve invested in job creators around the world, bringing prosperity and purpose in the toughest of circumstances. It can be done here in Illinois, but only if we make a real change.

“Businesses and workers in Illinois are dealing with much more than profits and losses. They’re scared and held back because of rising crime, corruption in Springfield, and high taxes. I’m the only candidate who’s signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, I’m the only candidate who has a Safe Streets Plan to crack down on crime, and I’m the only candidate with a Clean Up Illinois agenda to end corruption in Springfield.

“It’s going to take a real change from a real outsider, not another politician, to grow Illinois’s economy to the front of the pack where we belong.”