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Sullivan: Prayer Works!

PETERSBURG, IL – Following the unprecedented leak tonight of a landmark Supreme Court decision that could ultimately overturn Roe v. Wade, Jesse Sullivan responded with prayerful gratitude and unbridled optimism.

“While the decision isn’t official – and could yet be months away – I’m overjoyed at what could be a generational change in the soul of our country. Prayer works, and my prayer tonight is gratitude. Our prayers, our persistence, and our patriotism could save millions of lives for generations to come.

“Tonight shows the kind of change that Conservatives can achieve when we stick together – when we focus on what we can achieve, instead of the politics and politicians that tear us apart.

“Under Gov. J.B. Pritzker and decades of pro-abortion leaders, Illinois has become the abortion destination capital of the Midwest. Abortion tourism, and abortions paid for by Illinois taxpayers, should never be accepted.

“But this Supreme Court decision, which puts more power back in the hands of the states, threatens to make Illinois’s current abortion laws even more heinous, and abortion tourism even more prevalent.

“We must put an end to late-term, partial birth abortions. We must put an end to taxpayer-funded abortions. We must bring back parental notification for minors. We must make adoptions easier for struggling mothers and more affordable for families called to bring these children into their homes, as our family was.

“This race for governor is even more clear today – it’s between politicians we can’t trust and the mistakes of the past on one side, and a campaign that proudly puts faith first and a chance to make a real change on the other.

“Today, the difference is life or death.”