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Sullivan Statement: Democrats’ Failure on Crime

PETERSBURG, IL – J.B. Pritzker and insider politicians in charge of Springfield, feeling public pressure from the rising crime throughout Illinois on their watch, adjourned the legislative session last weekend without repealing the most anti-police legislation in the country.

Jesse Sullivan, an outsider running for governor and the only candidate to release a comprehensive anti-crime agenda with law enforcement support, the Safe Streets Plan, released the following statement in response:

“Illinois families deserve to feel safe in their homes and in their communities. But J.B. Pritzker and the insider politicians are more interested in protecting criminals and handcuffing our cops than providing the real change that law enforcement is asking for.

“The Democrats hope that election-year gimmicks – bills that nibble around the edges – will trick voters into forgetting that Kim Foxx is releasing criminals out of jail and refusing to enforce our laws.

“They’re hoping voters will forget that Pritzker refused to bring law enforcement to the table to fix his disastrous anti-police bill.

“They’re hoping voters will ignore the rising crime in their communities and reward the insider politicians responsible.

“If we want real change, we need a real outsider. That’s why more than 20 sheriffs, state’s attorneys and law-enforcement leaders around Illinois are backing me and my Safe Streets Plan, and why the voters are going to demand real change this election.”