Sullivan: Chicago Schools Go “Woke” While Students, Parents Suffer

New whistleblower inspired by Jesse Sullivan “Power to the Parents” agenda

CHICAGO – A second whistleblower, inspired by Jesse Sullivan’s pro-parents education agenda, has come forward to expose a shocking new development at Chicago Public Schools: the “School Names Equity Assessment” to rename schools or mascots at a time when only 15% of CPS students are meeting state education standards.

“As the leftists in the Chicago Teachers Union bring indoctrination into our schools and try to prove how ‘woke’ they are, it’s the students and the parents who are getting left behind,” said Jesse Sullivan, outsider candidate for Illinois governor. “This Tuesday, parents have the chance to stand up and fight back with a true conservative as our next governor.”

The Sullivan campaign was contacted by a second whistleblower with screenshots of the new “School Names Equity Assessment,” which is to perform an “equity assessment of all schools, mascots, and CPS spaces.”

The Sullivan campaign has received national attention and widespread acclaim from parents across Illinois for its Power to the Parents agenda. Sullivan is the only candidate in the race for governor who has released a pro-parents education plan.

Sullivan already broke national news on Fox News exposing Chicago Teachers Union members bragging about their efforts to politically indoctrinate students.

This week, the Barrington 220 School District was caught in a scandal for forcing students to read the pornographic book “Gender Queer” as summer reading for 11-year-olds.

And these scandals come in the shadow of a landmark ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court this week that overturned a Maine Law that denied religious schools access to tuition from the state’s school choice program.

“All around the country, fed-up parents are standing up for themselves and their kids, and fighting back against the radical ‘woke’ indoctrination in our schools,” Sullivan said. “This Tuesday, Illinois parents have the chance to make a lasting difference in the direction of our state by electing a true conservative we can trust for governor.”