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Sullivan Campaign Statement on Indoctrination in Evanston-Skokie Schools – Radical Gender Lessons for Young Kids

Jesse Sullivan: “With what the liberals are doing inside our classrooms, it’s no wonder they’re trying to keep the parents out!”

EVANSTON, IL – A breaking new report from City Journal: “Radical Gender Lessons for Young Children” detailed a disturbing official school curriculum that introduces radical lessons about race and sexuality onto children as young as four years old.

 This radical curriculum currently being taught in Illinois schools includes:

  • Four-year-olds: Sex ed & gender identity
  • Five-year-olds: Transgender identity
  • Six-year-olds: “Some pronouns are gender neutral” and students can adopt pronouns such as “she,” “tree,” “they,” “he,” “her,” “him,” “them,” “ze,” and “zir.” “The teacher encourages students to experiment and reminds them: ‘Whatever pronouns you pick today, you can always change!’”
  • Eight-year-olds: Students are told that white European “colonizers” imposed their “Western and Christian ideological framework” on racial minorities and “forced two-spirit people to conform to the gender binary.” Students are encouraged to “break the binary,” reject the system of “whiteness,” and study photographs of black men in dresses and a man wearing lipstick and long earrings.

In response, Jesse Sullivan, outsider candidate for governor, pledged to immediately initiate a comprehensive review of sexual education curriculum in school districts throughout the state, and announced support for a complete prohibition on using taxpayer funds to teach sexual indoctrination in grades K-3.

Sullivan said:

“With what the radical left is doing inside our classrooms, it’s no wonder they’re trying to keep the parents out!

“Illinois families have a right to be outraged at this inappropriate indoctrination of our kids with a liberal agenda – and our tax dollars are paying for it.

“I am the father of five young children myself. I can promise you that as governor, I’m the only one who will ensure that parents have a say, a seat at the table, and a choice in their kids’ education.”