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Sullivan Calls for Domestic Terror Designation for 55 Known Chicago Gangs After 3 Law Enforcement Officers Shot

Sullivan calls on Pritzker to declare emergency, deploy National Guard immediately; calls on Biden, Garland to open an investigation under the auspices of the PATRIOT Act.

CHICAGO, IL – Jesse Sullivan, candidate for governor, today issued a call for an immediate disaster declaration in the City of Chicago and deployment of the National Guard to augment the depleted ranks of the Chicago Police Department.

“Somehow, 28 months in, J.B. Pritzker is still signing monthly COVID disaster proclamations, but he is unwilling or unable to act on an even more pressing crisis – the senseless violence ravaging the streets of Chicago,” Sullivan said. “If Pritzker says that COVID is still an emergency but police shootings aren’t, he needs to open his eyes.”

“Three law enforcement officers were shot in 96 hours. It’s time for Governor Pritzker to immediately declare a state of emergency and bring out the National Guard to help our undermanned and outgunned police department.”

Additionally, Sullivan called for emergency federal involvement in the crisis – specifically by opening an investigation into the activities of Chicago’s 50+ known street gangs under the PATRIOT Act.

Last fall, the National Association of School Boards (NASB) urged the Biden administration to investigate parents who were concerned over COVID restrictions and CRT being incorporated into class curriculum. The NASB called for their designation as “domestic terrorists” under the PATRIOT Act – creating an uproar from parents and a backlash against the NASB.

Sullivan is sending the attached letter to President Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland asking the administration to formally investigate Chicago Street Gangs and their ceaseless violence as forms of domestic terrorism and hate crimes under the PATRIOT Act. The letter notes that federal involvement is especially warranted in this case given investigative reporting has found several local politicians have relied on the support of the very gangs waging war on our communities.

Summary of New Actions Demanded:

  1. Immediate issuance of an emergency declaration for the city of Chicago
  2. Prompt deployment of the Illinois National Guard to augment depleted CPD ranks and allow the rotation of CPD units into highest-volatility areas
  3. A federal investigation into Chicago Street Gangs as domestic terrorist organizations