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Sullivan Ad: “Allowance”

PETERSBURG, IL – On Wednesday, the Jesse Sullivan campaign will begin airing a new statewide :30 TV spot: “Allowance.”

The positive spot – in keeping with Sullivan’s solutions-oriented, outsider campaign – highlights the very real impact that tax-and-spend politicians like J.B. Pritzker have had on families and kitchen tables across the state.

“For the past four years, Illinois families have been struggling thanks to tax-and-spend policies and inflation from Springfield and Washington,” said campaign spokesman Andrew Welhouse. “The spot is light-hearted, but families across our state are being forced to have serious conversations about how to make ends meet.”

J.B. Pritzker is up on the airwaves trying to give himself political cover after 3 ½ years of tax hikes, as Illinois’s combined state and local tax burden has risen to the highest in the country. Meanwhile, the insiders and career politicians have been flooding Republican primary voters with attack ads.

For Illinois politics, Sullivan’s campaign has offered a breath of fresh air. As governor, Jesse Sullivan will make a clean break from the corrupt machine politics, the tax hikes, and the back-room dealing that have left our state in the precarious situation we face today.



Monique Sullivan: “My husband, Jesse Sullivan, knows business, so the lessons around here start early.”

Jesse Sullivan, to Sullivan kids: “OK kiddos, here’s your allowance you earned this week.”

Jesse: “But, this is Illinois… so there’s a tax for pretty much everything.

Scout: “Even our allowance?!”

Monique: These days, it’s hard enough to stretch a dollar. As Governor, Jesse will put money back in the hands of Illinois families, by repealing Pritzker’s gas tax, eliminating the grocery tax, and by vetoing any new tax increase.

Jesse: “Which means you get to keep more of your allowance.”

Sullivan kids: “Yay!”