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Jesse Sullivan’s Safe Streets Plan

Illinois families need a new path forward on public safety – and fresh, moral leadership to see it through.

Four years of divisive, anti-police policies have ravaged our communities. To Save Illinois we have to stop the bleeding. Our plan calls for three concrete steps. Read more below.

As Governor Jesse Sullivan Will Prioritize
The Crime Crisis in our State on Day 1.

The Safe Streets Plan:

Enforce the Law.

Deter crime and bring criminals to justice.

Pillar #1

Protect our Heroes.

Defend law enforcement and honor their service.

Pillar #2

Restore Accountability.

Restore norms so criminal actions have consequences.

Pillar #3

The Problem

Illinois is facing an unprecedented crime surge under Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s leadership. Rather than acknowledging this emergency, Pritzker in 2021 signed sweeping, radical legislation making the problem worse – effectively punishing police and reducing penalties for committing crimes.

Illinois is facing an epidemic of violent crime. From the start of the pandemic in March 2020 to December 2021, 12 children died of COVID-19 in Illinois largest city; 228 were murdered. In fact, more kids were shot in Chicago than died nationwide from COVID-19 in 2021.

The Plan

Action Plan

Enforce the Law

Deter crime and bring criminals to justice.

  • Fully staff and support State and Local Police officers, by filling every vacancy, staffing every crime lab, and deploying National Guard assets, so that law enforcement can best deter, arrest, charge, and prosecute criminals.
  • Remove violent criminals from the streets by restoring cash bail and stringent pre-trial detention practices, ending electronic monitoring for violent offenses, and enforcing outstanding warrants.
  • Forge multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency partnerships that get results, including with counties (e.g., DuPage’s MERIT system) and with neighboring states, which JB Pritzker cannot do.

Protect our Heroes

Defend law enforcement and honor their service.

  • Relentlessly defend qualified immunity against attacks from the left, ensuring that police officers are not criminalized for doing their jobs.
  • Increase penalties for assaulting law enforcement, including strengthening minimum sentencing guidelines and minimum time served requirements.
  • Pay law enforcement, by introducing fair pay for sheriffs, and offering recruitment and retention incentives for officers.

Restore Accountability

Restore norms so criminal actions have consequences.

  • Take ownership and lead in the fight against crime, by appointing an Anti-Violence Director who reports directly to the governor, and taking an active role in strengthening partnerships between sheriffs, police chiefs, and prosecutors.
  • Invest in witness protection to help convict criminals by increasing penalties for intimidating and threatening witnesses, and by providing support to local departments to establish comprehensive witness and victim protection programs.
  • Fight recidivism by growing relationships between parole agents and law enforcement, and reprioritizing in-prison occupational training.

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The Stories

Safe Streets

Chicago Tribune: Chicago reached at least 800 homicides in 2021, a level not seen in 25 years

Chicago endured one of its deadliest years in at least the last quarter-century in 2021, according to Chicago Police Department data, information from other law enforcement and the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

Safe Streets

WGN9: Outside Chicago, suburbs are also struggling with surge in violent crime

While Chicago gets most of the attention when it comes to crime concerns, nearby suburbs are also seeing a significant surge in carjackings, shootings and murders.

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Fox News: More kids shot in Chicago than have died of COVID-19 across US this year

Over the course of 2021, more minors have been shot in Chicago than have died of COVID-19 in all of the United States, according to data from police and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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