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Sign the Petition

Please mail completed petitions to PO Box 10294, Chicago, IL 60610

Petition Circular Instructions

  1. You MUST be at least 18* years old and a United States Citizen. Circulators do not need to be registered to vote or even live in Illinois. Circulators should provide a copy of a picture ID that contains your current residence address.
  2. You should always ask a potential petition signer if they are registered to vote.
  3. Use dark blue or black pen, if possible. Do not use pencil.
  4. You MUST personally witness all signatures made on the petition sheet. The circulator has a sworn duty to ensure only valid, witnessed signatures are on the petition sheets.
  5. You may NOT circulate for more than one political party for the same election.
  6. Circulators may sign a petition sheet they circulate (but only once and only if they qualify).
  7. Petition sheets with fewer than 10 signatures are still valid; all partial petition sheets should be submitted.
  8. Do NOT number the petition sheet.
  9. If you learn or think that a signature is not valid, do not worry. Please bring this to the attention of the campaign but do NOT strike, change, or otherwise mark the petition sheet unless otherwise instructed to do so. Make notes on a separate page.
  10. If a petition signer uses ditto marks, abbreviations, or otherwise incomplete information, you can fill in anything except the actual signature. If you are uncertain what to do with a given signature, please bring it to the campaign’s attention when you turn petitions in. If a person signs in the printed name column and vice-versa, ask the person to skip to the next line and sign in the correct column and make sure the campaign is made aware.
  11. CRITICAL: You MUST sign the oath at the bottom of each petition sheet that you circulate as the circulator in front of an Illinois Notary Public. The notary MUST witness you sign the circulator’s affidavit at the bottom of the petition sheet and must sign, date, and stamp/seal where indicated.
  12. Completed petition sheets that are signed by the circulator and notarized should be sent to:

Sullivan for Illinois, PO Box 10294, Chicago, IL 60610

Petition Signer Instructions

  1. Signers must reside in and be registered to vote in the State of Illinois.
  2. Signers MAY NOT sign for candidates of more than one political party in the same election. Signers may only sign a candidate’s (or slate’s) petition ONCE.
  3. Signers MUST sign their names as they appear on their voter’s registration card. If the Signer is unsure, advise that they should sign in the same way that they usually sign important and/or government documents. Signers may use a shortened first name (i.e. “Rich” for “Richard” or “Bill” for “William”).
  4. Signers should NOT use ditto (“ ”) marks for any part of their address, and should NOT use abbreviations for street names and municipalities.
  5. Signers MUST use the address where they are registered to vote.
  6. Signers MUST sign in the circulator’s presence.
  7. Signers MUST only sign for themselves and NOT for other people (like their spouse, family members, or others). If the signer signs any other names, then he or she is committing a crime.

* Pursuant to Public Act 99-0722, if someone is 17 years old and is eligible to vote in the upcoming election, that individual is also eligible to circulate nominating petitions.