Life on “The Trail” as a family of 7.5- The “Sully Fam” Vlog

Last week, Sully and his family kicked off the campaign at New Salem in Petersburg, Illinois. Surrounded by family, friends, and community members they started the long road to the primary election next June.

The Sully Fam has started documenting their journey with a behind the scenes vlog that will post once a week. This week’s episode covered launch preparations and highlighted their kids riding scooters while Sully practiced his speech.

“Politics has turned into a lot of entertainment. It can be fueled by either hatred or humor and we are picking the latter,” Sully explained when asked why he would allow such an intimate look into the journey. “We are transparent people. My life experiences have shaped who I am today and none more than being a father and husband. I hope people can watch this and see who we are. They can see we aren’t too different from them.”

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