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Meet Kathleen Murphy

Meet Kathleen

Kathleen Murphy is a devoted mother of two, a passionate advocate for the rights of children and parents, and a free thinker who will fight relentlessly for parents and families at a time when they are under attack.

Kathleen is a high character, high competency leader, who has lived her values throughout her career:

  • Born in Edward Hospital in Naperville to Mike Murphy, an operations manager, and Mary Jo Murphy, a third grade teacher.
  • Kathleen has sat with moms at hours and hours of school board meetings, and helped them understand what state policies mean for them and their families. She has seen their frustration as they are unable to help their kids. And she is a fighter for policies that will allow all Illinoisans to prosper.
  • After a fire burned down her church, St. Michael Parish, Kathleen rolled up her sleeves and got to work as part of the development committee helping to rebuild.
  • Kathleen served as a Junior Board Member of the Family Shelter Service, a DuPage community organization that helps victims of domestic violence escape abuse and rebuild their lives.
  • Kathleen served as a legislative aide, and then as a communications director for Jeanne Ives in her 2018 run for governor, and her 2019 run for Congress.
  • She previously served as the president of Breakthrough Ideas, a policy advocacy and education network that advances the causes of peace, prosperity and freedom by highlighting the virtue of taxpayer-centric and liberty-focused policy, and the ways in which they benefit all members of a community.
  • Kathleen has a passion for explaining the human impact of complex politics and policies, and is a champion of free-market policies and economics.
  • She is a trusted advisor to many liberty-principled legislators, candidates, advocates and community leaders.

Kathleen is a next generation leader working to shape the future of politics in Illinois. She is running for lieutenant governor to represent the working families of our great state and make sure their voices are heard in the halls of power.