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Jesse Sullivan Calls On Governor JB Pritzker To Address Crime And Violence In Chicago

Republican candidate for governor Jesse Sullivan called on elected leaders to take action to stop the violent crime ravaging the city and seek justice for the families affected in a press conference at the Criminal Court of Cook County.

“I know it’s easy to tune out or become numb to the drumbeat of statistics,” Sullivan said, “but we cannot become immune to this violence. I want to remind all of us of the very real human toll that the epidemic of violence is taking on our city and our young people.”

Sullivan shared the stories of Mychal Moultry, and Serenity Broughton, two young children who were shot and killed during the last few months of violence.
“Governor Pritzker yesterday said Chicago is ‘nearly at a state of emergency.’ What is he waiting for?” Sullivan asked, “Every day our city and our state refuse to take decisive action more innocent bystanders are shot. More children die unnecessarily.”

I’ve worked in some of the most corrupt and dangerous cities around the world – Port-Au-Prince Haiti, Lagos Nigeria, Helmand Afghanistan,” Sullivan added. “I never thought my home state I love and this great city of Chicago would feel like a corrupt war zone, but here we are. We are no longer looking like the Land of Lincoln, but like we are slipping back into the Capital of Capone. Illinois is far worse than the national average on murders and violent crime, as well as property crime.”

“For too long, Illinois and the City of Chicago have lacked credible leadership, people willing to come into these communities that have not benefited from the same economic opportunities, from the same educational opportunities, to listen, and to roll up their sleeves and do the work, while holding each other accountable for real outcomes. For all the governor and mayor’s talk of equity there has been almost none in protecting the Black and Hispanic communities in Chicago. “

“Today, I call for justice for the family of four-year-old Mychal Moultrie. I call for justice for the family of Serenity Broughton. Elected officials need to change their tone and support our law enforcement. We need to bring back downtown, bring back security, and bring back accountability in our cities.”