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Outcome: Lower taxes – to bring more people and businesses to Illinois (and keep them!)

Jesse will not allow the legislature to raise taxes to compensate for a pension system that is a drag on our state’s ability to attract and retain people and businesses. We must reduce taxes to make Illinois competitive again – to be a state that makes it easy for Illinoisans to start small businesses here at home, attract corporations from afar, and help people stay in Illinois, rather than move elsewhere.


Outcome: Increased public trust in a government that works for the people

The current system privileges politicians over regular people. Now more than ever, Illinois needs strict term limits that prevent career politicians from getting rich off of politics. We need actual ethics reform that does more to prevent the revolving door of legislators making money off of lobbying their friends. And we need to end partisan gerrymandering so politicians in power cannot choose their own voters.


Outcome: Dramatic reduction in violent crime in Illinois

Public safety is the most fundamental responsibility of our government – and we are failing. Families should not have to worry whether their kids will come home at night, and business owners should not have to worry about whether their stores will be looted. Our Safe Streets Agenda calls for three immediate priorities: Enforcing the Law, Defending our Law Enforcement Heroes, and Restoring Accountability to the system.

Jesse has been endorsed by more than 20 law enforcement professionals across the state – including over 15 active sheriffs – more than any other candidate! Read more about our Safe Streets plan here, and join our Safe Streets Task Force to restore safety to our state.


Outcome: Protect the lives of our most vulnerable, and the livelihoods of all

Jesse believes that freedom and responsibility are the foundational principles of our state. He opposes top-down mandates that impose centralized control and take authority away from local leaders who know what is best for their communities. Jesse is vaccinated, as is his wife – he believes vaccines are effective in limiting severe COVID-19 infection, and encourages all who are able and willing to get vaccinated.

Pensions & Fiscal Responsibility

Outcome: A system that allows current and future public sector workers to retire with dignity 

A benefit earned is a promise made; we cannot violate our obligation to retired pensioners. That said, we cannot afford to dig a deeper hole – our state’s unfunded pension liability is preventing us from spending on other critical priorities. We must make common sense reforms to future benefits that give our state the freedom to spend on essential priorities like education and public safety. We must transition to a private sector style retirement plan as quickly as possible for new members, and must reform the system for benefits not yet earned.


Outcome: An education system that gives all students a chance to succeed – regardless of wealth or zip code

Our education system is broken – your ZIP code should not determine your future. Our teachers are essential to our economy and our children. Parents deserve to have a say in where and how their children are educated. Jesse will fight for school choice for all Illinoisans, not just the wealthy.

Small Business

Outcome: More small businesses starting, growing, and creating jobs in Illinois

Small businesses are the lifeblood of Illinois. From high taxes to overly-harsh, untargeted COVID restrictions, Illinois small business owners have been through a lot. As an entrepreneur and an investor, Jesse understands the challenges small business owners face, and will work to make Illinois the best place to launch a business in our nation.

Second Amendment

Outcome: Safe, legal gun ownership for self-defense and sport

Growing up hunting, and having served in Afghanistan, Sully understands the importance of the right to bear arms. He owns the same model of firearm at home that he carried while serving as a civilian intelligence analyst in Afghanistan. We must protect the rights and reduce the barriers of law-abiding citizens to access firearms. And we must go after criminals who illegally acquire and possess firearms.


Outcome: More parents bringing children into loving homes 

Jesse’s faith has taught him the sanctity of life and the need to protect our most vulnerable, including the unborn. Jesse also believes we have a responsibility to support young mothers, advocate for the responsibilities of fatherhood, and improve the foster care and adoption systems that are currently failing our children and families.

New Finance & Cryptocurrency

Outcome: The future of the internet created here in Illinois, and all the jobs that come with it

A robust and thriving economy needs a strong financial infrastructure. Blockchain technologies offer the potential to improve business processes, increase efficiency, and promote transparency in numerous industries – including government. As governor, Jesse will encourage and foster the development of blockchain businesses and innovative products, while ensuring that consumers are educated and protected, without negatively harming this nascent industry.