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Board of Elections DISMISSES “Borderline Frivolous” Challenge to Sullivan Petitions

PETERSBURG, IL – This morning, the Illinois Board of Elections officially dismissed a desperate challenge to attempt to force Jesse Sullivan and Kathleen Murphy off of the June 28 ballot.

Jesse Sullivan is a political outsider running for governor who has previously released a comprehensive anti-corruption roadmap to address the most severe ethical problems facing our state – the Clean Up Illinois plan – and the only candidate endorsed by former Legislative Inspector General Carol Pope. Campaign spokesman Andrew Welhouse released the following statement:

“As expected, this political gamesmanship has been thoroughly rejected by the Board of Elections. On June 28th, we’re expecting the people of Illinois to do the same, by voting for a real change from the same old Illinois politics!

“They tried using their lawyers and the insider games, and I’m sure there will be more lies and attacks headed our way. That’s because we’re actually running to clean up Illinois, and the corrupt insiders are scared – and they should be!

From the board’s ruling:

  • “On its face, Objector’s petition fails to allege enough signatures are invalid to put Candidates under the minimum number of signatures needed.” (Custardo v. Sullivan & Murphy Recommendation, P.10, section II, Recommendation)
  • Objector also failed to “present any evidence in support” of his claims. (Custardo v. Sullivan & Murphy Recommendation, P.10, section II, Recommendation)
  • The challenge’s “gamesmanship in these proceedings borders on the frivolous and should not be countenanced.” (Custardo v. Sullivan & Murphy Recommendation, P.11, section II, Recommendation)