5 Ways to Show You’re On Team Sully

Illinois Strong isn’t just a slogan, it’s a reminder. A reminder to the politicians that we won’t be represented by individuals who don’t live our values. We want a leader who is honest, hard working, with strong Midwestern values. Sully is that leader, but he can’t win alone. He needs a team of like minded individuals who are ready to fight.

Sully’s worked with counterinsurgency teams in Afghanistan and led teams of entrepreneurs around the world and now he’s excited to work with Illinoisans who are prepared to fight to make Illinois the strongest state in the nation.

You can show you’re on Team Sully by taking action.

Follow Sully Online
Social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, are where Sully will be able to get the word out about his campaign and priorities to most Illinois voters. These accounts are brand new and we need all of Team Sully to go follow him:


After you’ve followed him, please share his posts to your own followers when you see them to help us get the word out. In these early days of the campaign, it would be especially helpful if you could let your friends and family know you’re on this team, with a simple post like this: “I’m proud to join Team Sully in fighting to make Illinois Strong. Join us!”

Subscribe to Emails
Even if you’re already following Sully on social media, it’s important to subscribe to our campaign email list. Hear us out on this. It’s not going to be an endless barrage of fundraising emails begging you for money with doom and gloom. We don’t like getting those emails so why would we want to send them?

Instead, you’ll be getting news, updates, and content straight from the campaign without having to worry about missing something or algorithms filtering it from you. Click here to subscribe to email updates.

Opt-In For Text Messages
We’ll reserve text messages for the most urgent, pressing action items and news that can’t wait in your email inbox. Text Sully to 217-216-1762 to join.

It’s still early days on the campaign, but Team Sully is going to be the most meaningful, robust volunteer program Illinois has ever seen. Tell us how you want to help. Our volunteer form has some suggestions, but we want your ideas and unique talents too.

Donate Online
At this stage in the campaign, it’s not about how much you give, but that you show your support for Jesse’s commitment to and vision for Illinois. If you’re excited to have a candidate like Jesse running, chip in $5, $10, or $20 to get some skin in the game and invest in the campaign.

Becoming a part of Team Sully doesn’t come with any requirements, but these ideas should get you started on how to show your support. We can’t wait to meet you and work together.