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Jesse Sullivan is an ANTI-POLITICIAN & JOB CREATOR dedicated to FAITH, FAMILY, and SERVICE

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Sullivan The Clear Winner of GOP Debate Night

By providing a clear, conservative vision for Illinois and specific plans on the major issues facing Illinois – crime, corruption, education, and the economy – outsider candidate Jesse Sullivan established himself as the clear winner of the Republican debates on Tuesday night.

Press Releases

Sullivan: Prayer Works!

Following the unprecedented leak tonight of a landmark Supreme Court decision that could ultimately overturn Roe v. Wade, Jesse Sullivan responded with prayerful gratitude and unbridled optimism.

Press Releases

Sullivan Wins Lake Co. GOP Endorsement on First Ballot

This weekend, Jesse Sullivan and Kathleen Murphy received the coveted endorsement of the Lake County Republicans, the third largest county in the state. The Lake County Republican Central Committee endorsed the Sullivan / Murphy ticket on the first ballot, with a ...

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